About Me

I'm a writer and editor living in San Antonio, TX. I have an MFA from Texas State University, and my writing has appeared in the Washington Post, Catapult, Motherwell, Narratively, SheKnows, and Asterix journal, among others. I've co-authored 8 books and edited upwards of 70, some of which you can see on the Books page. I am represented by Hillary Jacobson at ICM Partners, and am currently working on my novel during my daughter's naps.

I Didn't Want to Breastfeed, But Weaning is Breaking My Heart

The first time I breast-fed my daughter, I was surrounded by strangers. Someone had helped me slide free of my delivery gown, slick with my daughter’s newness. Someone else had helped me into a new gown. There were hands everywhere: first pressing my tender, flaccid abdomen; now sliding a new pad beneath my hips; now holding my newborn to my breast. The hands — blue-gloved, shiny — squeezed my flesh, guided it into her mouth. My husband, Adrian, stroked my hair. I didn’t know what to do with my own hands. I watched, like the most unnecessary stranger in the room.